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Nov 07 2013

Wait…what? An American Airlines story

I try to plan ahead. Really, I do. But sometimes, life intrudes. Recently, I had a trip that I scheduled where I needed to come back a day early. So I called my friendly American Airlines reservation agent. “How may I assist you sir?” I told her I wanted to come back on flight AA9999 …

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Jul 09 2013

Middle Seat Bonus

I was rather surprised ( though pleased!) to find the middle seats blocked on four of the rows behind the exit rows on a flight I took on American Airlines recently. There was a large block of plastic taking up the seat that had a couple of drink depressions on it… Considering this was a …

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Mar 16 2012

Please Proceed to Your Gate

How can such an innocuous phrase so profoundly impact the pH balance of my stomach? Because, early morning in an airport it is usually coupled with the statement, “You will receive your seat assignment there.” What they mean is that you may be assigned a seat when you reach the gate. Or…you may not. The …

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Feb 23 2012

Not Again

You think I would learn but like the proverbial dog with the upset stomach I have returned. Basically a month after my previous, painful overnight flight I am at it again. I can feel the bile rising already. Poor planning and a very tight window of opportunity find me traveling to Santa Cruz, San Francisco, …

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Dec 03 2011

Chapter 11 Airlines

Tomorrow I make my first flight on the “fiscally restructuring” American Airlines. It is one of those weird, three corner trips that meetings in multiple cities will spawn. Because of it I will take off and land at O’Hare 4 times in 3 flights. Don’t ask. I do not know what to think of this …

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