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Aug 28 2015

I am feeling a bit faint…

So back in December my wife and I took a trip to Spain for our 20th anniversary and she fainted dead away about two-thirds of the way over the Atlantic. I, of course, am made of sterner stuff. Nothing so pedestrian could ever happen to me with my robust constitution, my travel hardened psyche and …

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Nov 07 2013

Wait…what? An American Airlines story

I try to plan ahead. Really, I do. But sometimes, life intrudes. Recently, I had a trip that I scheduled where I needed to come back a day early. So I called my friendly American Airlines reservation agent. “How may I assist you sir?” I told her I wanted to come back on flight AA9999 …

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Aug 01 2013

Frontier Airlines to Enter the Low Cost Airline Market

According to Bloomberg, Frontier is on the cusp of transitioning into a true low-cost airline. I like to call this format a la carte airlines because they will charge you for every, single addition. Don’t think Southwest, who will seem positively luxurious compared to this format. Think Spirit and Allegiant in the US or Ryanair …

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Feb 10 2013

Et Tu, Tu Go?

I am not much of a rolling luggage guy, but I do appreciate a clever idea. Have you ever been hurrying through the airport having just bought a Venti, pumpkin spice, extra shot, skinny, Mocha Latte with light foam only to dump most of it on the floor in the do-si-do to get your self …

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Aug 11 2012

KLM Wants My Twitter Handle

This is a first for me… I was signing up for a KLM frequent flyer account and in a first for me, they asked me for my Twitter handle. They needed it as a contact detail…so they could, you know, tweet to me that I am completely screwed because my flight is leaving without me. …

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Apr 23 2012

Fodors iOS Guides for Free!

Not sure of the time frame on these but Fodor’s has marked down several of their iOS city guides to FREE (my favorite price!) This includes Barcelona, London, New York City, Paris, Rome and San Francisco. Thanks to Moriond over at Tombihn Forums for the tip on this!

Apr 23 2012

Cushy Seats With AC

Of course by AC I mean power and not air conditioning! DC as well if you can see the USB ports! Southwest is in the process of updating a bunch of seats in their boarding areas to comfy, gadget-friendly chairs. While not all of the gates in Nashville have been updated,. gate C19 has 6 …

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Feb 23 2012

Not Again

You think I would learn but like the proverbial dog with the upset stomach I have returned. Basically a month after my previous, painful overnight flight I am at it again. I can feel the bile rising already. Poor planning and a very tight window of opportunity find me traveling to Santa Cruz, San Francisco, …

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Feb 04 2012

Navigating the TSA Line

Practical Hacks has got a nice article up on the best way to cruise through the security line at the airport. A couple of things are worth adding (although, I have to confess I loved his “line profiling” comments) to help you breeze through. Most airports will not allow you to have anything in you …

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Feb 02 2012

NOT an Onion Headline

Thanks to 1bag1world for the tip on this. When I saw the headline regarding Spirit Airlines on CNN I really did have to look back at the header to make sure I had not clicked on the Onion instead. The “unintended consequence fee” can be added on to the “carry on luggage fee” the “checked …

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