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Aug 10 2012

Adonit Jot Touch

Adonit makes a whole range of cool styli (WOW, the plural sounds SOOOO stuck up!) for use with the iPad. The newest entry in the family is the Jot Touch and it is designed to make its siblings look up to it with envy and longing. It is a pressure sensitive, blue tooth stylus that …

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Jul 09 2012

Adonit Writer Plus Review

Last year I got the opportunity to review the original Adonit Writer for my first generation iPad. I found it to be a huge productivity boost and it was a holy grail moment for me. Of course, that was 2 iPads ago! Moving to the new generation iPad has given me the opportunity to play …

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Oct 13 2011

Adonit Writer Review

If you are looking for a review of the Writer Plus you can click here. Hour after hour of rehearsal as a concert pianist makes you very sensitive to the tiny changes in pressure between computer keyboards. The repetitive practice of playing a D flat harmonic minor scale for hours at a time rather quickly …

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