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Jan 17 2014

WaterField Finn Wallet Review

About 2 years ago I reviewed Waterfield’s iPhone wallet. I loved the functionality and the look of it…but my phone outgrew it or I would probably still be using it today. I actually got a bit misty when I unloaded it and put it in my drawer filled with the things that I can’t quite …

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Dec 23 2013

Freedom Pop Silly Deal

Freedom Pop is one of those crazy, disruptive Internet companies that is out to change the world. Well, at least change the way that you access the Web. I reviewed their service with this hotspot a couple of months back and they have decided to do a deal on the refurbished version of the hotspot …

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Dec 17 2013

Procrastinators Gift Guide

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking..HOLY CRAP CHRISTMAS IS HOW FAR AWAY?!?!?!?!?! I know you are thinking this because I myself woke up in a cold sweat last night and realized I had acquired precisely two gifts so far. Two. Oh. Crap. So here are a couple of ideas for those of …

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Dec 05 2013

Fruit From My Doom

But goodbye Phone was sweet Our worlds no Longer meet So I’ll cry just a little cause I broke you so And I’ll die just a little cause Droid has to go Away… Can’t you see How I feel When I say Phones don’t heal So goodbye It’s been sweet Even though Incomplete So I’ll …

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Nov 17 2013

STM Bags Grip For S4 Review

There is a certain minimalist appeal to a new smartphone with no case. Clean lines and nothing to interfere with how it is laid out. Nothing between you and your new toy. Then you drop your precious baby the first time and feel pain shoot out your toes. You need at least a bit of …

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Oct 23 2013

Rickshaw Kickstarter Kickoff!

According to “National Geographic,” Americans drink more bottled water than any other nation, purchasing an impressive 29 billion bottles every year. Of these bottles over 80% of them end up in landfills. That is a lot of plastic, a lot of carbon emission to make and transport that water and a lot of potential to …

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Oct 12 2013

WaterField Launches A Backpack

WaterField has long been one of my favorite bag companies. They make a range of innovative bags and accessories out of interesting materials and they make them right here in the USA. Strangely, with all the messenger style goodness they have distributed to the world, they have never made a backpack. Sometimes you just gotta …

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Sep 28 2013

Altego Polygon Messenger Review

It is hard to complain about a bag that does all this and comes in under $100.

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Sep 16 2013

Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Review

Travel is inspiring and liberating. It can also be larcenous. There are lots of places on the road where people can help themselves to things in your pocket or bag. A missing passport or wallet can ruin your perfect trip. Remember, just because you are paranoid it doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get …

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Sep 10 2013

Tilley TO55 Orbit Hat Review

Persnicketiness must mean that you make something with a ridiculous attention to detail, because that is apparent in everything that goes into a Tilley.

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