Sep 03 2012

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I snuck away to the beach for the Labor Day weekend. Panama City had ducked most of Isaac’s wrath but we needed to see that for ourselves.

A couple of days on the beach ( and the beginning of college football!) always do a lot to help my attitude. I was definitely in dire need of an attitude improvement!

The last night we went out to eat in Rosemary Beach. It is a delightful, European inspired community that is eminently walk able. Restaurants and shops are cheek by jowl with condos and beach homes. The cafes even have sidewalk tables for optimal people watching!

We ate dinner at La Crema, a Spanish inspired restaurant that serves primarily small plates and chocolate.

The food was very nice and the desert was spectacular (more on that later).

It was crowded and I loved the way that they tracked their tables. They asked you for a cell phone number and you received a text message with the option to accept or decline your table.


Nothing to return to the restaurant and very low maintenance. This is a great use of technology.

Desert, oh yes, milk and dark chocolate fondue with lots of dipping fodder.


And chocolate covered bacon. Yup, you read that right. Two pieces of cardiologist enriching decadence. We did split this among five people to minimize the impact a little bit. If you like chocolate covered pretzels this is right up your alley!


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