Jan 06 2015

T-mobile Says Text Away

You can’t text while you drive, but you can while you fly. At least, if you are a T Mobile customer you can.

T-Mobile continues to zig while every one else is zagging. In the last two years they have shifted away from contracts and introduced phone financing rather than contract underwriting of phones. The other major carriers have followed suit. They also rolled out a data plan that has no real data cap, but rather pushes you over onto their slower 3G network once you have plowed through your paid data.

They followed this up with free international roaming for both texting and data. This is a big deal if you travel internationally, and was not a feature that AT and T and Verizon could easily copy. Sometimes there is a benefit to having a parent company on the other side of the pond.

Now they have added a couple of new wrinkles. If you are flying on a plane that Gogo powers the Wifi on, you can text during flight with no charge. This will likely drive your buddies on Verizon completely mental. Let’s hope they don’t ever move to allowing voice calls while on a plane!

Tmo is also now supporting “data rollover”. With this feature, your unused data gets pushed into the next month so you can accumulate gigs of data for when you need them later. Hoarders rejoice!

I have seen rollover for talk minutes and text before but as far as I know this is the first time I have seen this applied to data.

I guess the Government was right, competition in this space does seem to be good for the consumer. I will be curious to see which of these innovations get copied by the other carriers.

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