Apr 27 2012

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So very true...

So…you know I am supposed to be like…technical?

I am…really. No, seriously.

I apparently just need to go to WordPress school.

The Blog Subscription plug-in that I was working with is apparently flawed. Sort of like that parrot in the Monty Python skit.

By which I mean it was completely, and utterly non-functional.

I have replaced it with the WPMU version which you can now see shining brightly in the upper right hand corner of the front page of the blog. See it there? It is the pitiful one asking for your email address.

It actually works!

So, if you ever signed up for email notifications of blog postings ( other than in the last week or so) and thought to yourself, “That Jeff Mac guy doesn’t post very often…” than you probably aren’t on my list. I post a fairly often, just not anything very interesting!

So please sign up again.


Oh, by the way…if you are getting this Blog posting in your email, you are officially allowed to ignore this posting as you are already signed up.

Thanks Mom!

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