Nov 17 2013

STM Bags Grip For S4 Review

There is a certain minimalist appeal to a new smartphone with no case. Clean lines and nothing to interfere with how it is laid out. Nothing between you and your new toy.

Then you drop your precious baby the first time and feel pain shoot out your toes. You need at least a bit of protection. You don’t want anything between you and your phone, but you definitely want something between the floor and your phone.

So what is a techno-minimalist supposed to do?

STM Bags makes a range of products in their Grip line that are aimed squarely at your minimalist sensibilities. These polycarbonate covers can cover a device as small as a smartphone or as big as a MacBook Pro 15!

The piece that I looked at was the STM Grip for the Galaxy S4.

stm bags

The Grip wraps around the phone and leaves slots on the left and right to allow easy access to the volume and power switches. The camera and flash are also carefully exposed so the case does not inhibit picture taking in any way.

The top and bottom edge of the phone are left mostly exposed, which is nice, because it allowed me to put the GS4 in the docking station on my desk without having to remove the Grip.

The back and sides of the grip have shallow grooves that run horizontally along the case. These give the polycarb some texture and make it easier to hold onto the phone. This is a plus over the very slick plastic of the Samsung, which I always feel is going to slip out of my hand…sending my baby crashing to the floor in painful slow motion.

While there is nothing covering the screen of the phone on the Grip, the edge of the case extends about a sixteenth of an inch above the phone. This means when you put the phone face down, the edges of the case are touching the surface instead of the screen of your phone. It gives it a touch more protection if you happen to be a bit clumsy…like me.

So does STM Bags know anything about making a phone case? It appears to me that they do.


I like the Grip. It adds a touch of protection, a little bit more traction and is available in staid black or brighter primary colors if you want a bit of flash in your life. It protects the phone while still allowing you to slide it in a back pocket without a lot of resistance.

Will it protect your phone from a rampant three-year old using it as a discus? Most likely not but it does a nice job insulating your phone from the normal day-to-day wear that you are likely to inflict on it.


STM Bags Grip for Samsung Galaxy S4 $19.99

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