Dec 23 2011

Standing By The Door Watching For Brown?

If you ordered from Best Buy you may want to go look back at that order. According to SlashGear, Best Buy has just canceled a bunch of orders that they are not going to be able to fulfill before Christmas!

So what is a hardcore procrastinator supposed to do?

According to 9to5Mac Walmart can cover your if you victim giftee is an iTunes person…and really, that includes anybody under about 45 now! You can walk in and pick up a deal on a 3 pack of $10 cards or email for a $50 card for $40 (I like that math!).

Barnes and Noble can deliver a gift card electronically
It is a great choice for your more literate, last-minute people.

Likewise, Amazon can deliver Gift Cards till the last possible minute to your email for those with a razor-thin time margin.

Lots of restaurants from the speedy to the urban cowboy type or you can hedge your bets and buy a multi-company card from a company like restaurants.com.

Perhaps most fitting this time of year, and most in keeping with the theme for the season, you can make a donation to deserving charity in honor of someone.

One of my personal favorites is St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital and their system allows for an email to be sent to your honoree letting them know what you did in their name. This is truly the kind of gift that is most in keeping with this time of year.

So, to all you procrastinators out there, I hope this gives you an idea or two. Please keep in mind the really important stuff is not stuff at all but the relationships with the people around you.

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