Sep 16 2011

Solar and Recyclable?

Oh, man, don’t they know what a sucker I am for this kind of stuff?

9to5mac.com has a teaser up on a new Kickstarter project for a company called LilyPad.

The LilyPad is a multifunction device. It combines an iPad case, secondary battery, solar charger, HDMI output, USB output (to charge an additional device), whistle locator, included messenger bag with solar panel cut out and invulnerability to Vampires and Werwolves. Well, I made that last part up it doesn’t actually have any impact on Werewolves.

Kermit said "it isn't easy being green" but LilyPad makes it look easy...

All of this in a package made from 80% recycled materials. Pretty cool and if it works as advertised on the charging and usage front it may well be worth the $165 introductory price tag.

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