Aug 12 2012

Snugg iPad 3 Distressed Leather Case Review

I looked at the denim and leather version Snugg case for iPad a couple of weeks ago. I won’t bore you by going through all the details again, but I liked it and I thought it hit a nice price point for the quality of the case.

If denim is a little too casual for your taste in iPad wraps, Snugg still has some options for you.

The Snugg iPad Distressed leather case is a PU (polyurethane) leather case that is embossed to give it the look of aged leather. The embossing is nicely done and it took me a fair amount of staring at the case to see where the pattern repeats. Nobody is likely to subject your case to this level of scrutiny!

The inside of the case has a soft suede like finish to keep it from scratching the screen when the case is closed and it does have the smart magnets built into the cover to turn the iPad off.

The stand mechanics of the case are identical to the other case I reviewed with a tab that the front cover slides into after you fold it around the back side of the case.

The tab…

Edge in…

This allows you to have good angle for typing and a good angle for media viewing when turn it vertical. The stand is very stable in vertical orientation and is at a good angle for typing on the glass.

The inside cover also features a leather and elastic strap to allow you to hold your iPad securely with one hand.

The stitching on the case was good with only a few loose threads, although one was strangely set in the camera eye cutout.

My only real complaint on the case is an issue that I have with all folio style cases. The sections that have to be open to expose the switches and speakers and headphone jacks…leave those portions of the iPad exposed. I am a bit clumsy and I tend to drop things more than I would like to admit.

One of those exposed edges…

If the sides and edges of the case extended a little farther they would give a bit more protection to the portions of the iPad that are visible.


The Snugg case is a really great value. Although the PU leather doesn’t have quite the character of traditional leather it has all the vibe, is easier to clean up and costs a fraction of the cost.

The case is an iPad2 case, but it fit the newer generation iPad well and the smart cover functions work perfectly. It may be worth noting that the iPad3 case (linked below) has a loop at the top for a stylus which may or may not appeal to you.

The hand strap gives you a nice bit of stability if you tend to walk and fiddle with your iPad at the same time.

The Snugg makes a comfy, cozy case for your iPad to snuggle up with!

Snugg iPad 3 Distressed Leather Case $39.99

Charon International Trading Inc
3427 Exchange Avenue,
Unit 1
Naples, Florida
34104, USA

iPad 3 Protective Case

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