Jul 01 2013

Sea to Summit Travel Wallet Review

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As you can see from the map above, Sea to Summit considers Australia the center of the world. Of course, if I ran one of the coolest companies in Perth, I would probably feel like I was in the center of it all as well.

Sea to Summit evolved out of a passion for outdoor adventure and their approach has always been to make very rugged, yet lightweight product for those applications. As they have broadened their product offering into more general travel gear, much of what they make has gone more mainstream. So while you are welcome to climb Mount Everest, you don’t have to do so to enjoy Sea to Summit’s products.

Sea to Summit’s traveling light series is aimed squarely at the traveler, like me, who will do anything not to check a bag. Shaving a few ounces off here or there, makes a big difference when you have to carry everything yourself. I am a fan of this series and I originally looked at one of their packable duffles here.

Over the last couple of weeks I have carried one of their travel wallets for my day-to-day use. I have looked at the smallest one but they even have this catch-all monstrosity if you can’t decide what to leave at home!

sea to summit

A small YKK zipper kept the wallet closed to keep everything safe inside. Thank you Sea to Summit for using great zippers! There is a small loop attached to the spine of the wallet if you want to use a chain to secure it from pickpockets.

Opening up the wallet reveals four card slots for storing credit cards and ID and a small zippered change pocket, again sporting a YKK zipper. I never appreciated a coin pocket until I started traveling. Common usage of larger denomination coins abroad means I use them a lot more and having a secure place to stuff them really works for me. I also keep a sim ejector tool tucked in here for when I am swapping my phone from one coverage to another. Always pick up a local phone sim when you travel!

sea to summit

The bill section of the wallet is divided into two sections to help you keep currencies separate. There is also a small pocket in the bill section which is a perfect place to store a small stack of business cards.

sea to summit

The inside of the wallet is lined with Ultrasil, a light weight Cordura material with a silicon coating for water resistance. I would not qualify the wallet as waterproof, but it will definitely keep the insides dry unless you actually jump in a pool or the river.


Although I am not sure that I am stressed about saving and ounce or two on my wallet, I do appreciate a lot about the Travel Wallet. The materials feel great and I love the security of a zippered wallet. The zippered change pocket works great for coins or other loose bits you feel the need to cart around.

Available in Lime, Blue, Berry and Black

Travel Wallet
Small $17.95
Medium $24.95
Large $29.95

Sea to Summit
3550 Frontier Ave, Unit D
Boulder, CO 80301
Ph: (303) 440-8977

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