Aug 19 2013

Sea to Summit Shirt Folder Review


Can you fold a shirt?

I had never really thought about it until I started travelling light and trying to pack everything into a carry on bag. I just folded them, or rolled them, or smashed them haphazardly into any available corner of a bag.

They generally came out of that bag looking like a Sharpei puppy after a particularly long nap, on a hot day.

sea to summit

Do you have an iron?

Rumpled is a fine look on vacation, but it doesn’t work so well on a business trip.

The Sea to Summit Shirt Folder comes with a board with diagrams that even a college freshman could follow. The fabric folds around the board to make sure that all the shirts fold down to the same size.

You then pick the board and shirt up together and put it in the storage envelope. The board slips out the top of the shirt and you can use it to fold the next shirt. I get the best results if I alternate the direction I put the shirts in, with the collars going to first to one side and then the other.

Once the stack is complete, you fold the flaps around and they seal with velcro to keep the whole stack immobilized. Toss the whole package in your luggage as a packing cube and it all comes out at your destination crisp and fresh.

Without the folding board the envelope weighs very little since it is made of Sea to Summit’s trademark Ultra-Sil. I use the board to fold the shirts and leave it at home when I go.


While any packing cube will improve your travel process, the real strength of a folder product is that the board forces you to fold shirts or pants to a consistent size. They stack well and the velcro closures allow you to tightly compress the stack so they don’t shift around, and this minimizes wrinkling.


Sea to Summit Folder $26.95 to $29.95

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