Jul 05 2012

Sea to Summit Waterproof TPU Review

Exactly how tech-addicted are you? I am at the beach this week for a (reasonably) well-earned vacation. My idea of a vacation is going somewhere that my cell phone doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, in a society that runs at our pace, that isn’t always a possibility.

Actually, this is what I think of when you say vacation.


Toes in the sand, surf gently making the kind of white noise that puts me right out.

Hmmm. Salt, sand, sea water and a smart phone. I don’t think my insurance covers this. In fact almost all cell coverage policies exclude water damage.

Sea to Summit is here to claim that they can cover an extreme tech-head in an environment that is in no way conducive to smart phone usage. In point of fact, I am armpit deep in the Gulf of Mexico as I write this on my iPhone!

That’s my crew being lazy under the orange tent..

Their TPU accessory case comes in three sizes. The small, at 5 by 4 inches is perfect for a smart phone and the large one will actually hold an iPad! A nylon strap lets you loop it around your neck so you can carry it hands free.

The top folds over 3 times and then secures with Velcro. The pictures below make describing the process a bit easier.


Drop your phone or GPS or random electronics in the top of the bag. Fold it over until the soft side of the velcro is on both sides of the closure.


The back side of the velcro pushes onto the back of the flap.


The top flap folds over and the velcro seals on the front.


Once you can see the logo you have waterproof seal!

The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material is welded for airtight closure and it is rated for “brief immersion” with electronics inside. The whole process gave me a feeling of confidence.

I was not quite brave enough to put my phone in it to start, so I filled it with toilet paper and gave it to my SEAL trained nephew for a dip in the Gulf.

It came back dry as a bone, so I got brave and put my phone in and went for a swim.

The material is wrinkle and UV resistant and will not get brittle or crack in extreme cold. The phone can be operated through the TPU material and while it sticks to itself it quickly pulls away from the phone display. There is enough room inside for a good-sized phone even in a case.

My phone remained dry and fully functional! So, the TPU Accesory case performs as advertised!


Come on, you are on vacation! Leave the phone up in the room.

If that is not an option and you are white water rafting, surfing or cross-country skiing and you have to see an incoming text, the Sea to Summit accessory pouch can keep your phone safe, sound and operational.

Sea to Summit TPU Accessory Pouch. $19.95

Sea to Summit
3550 Frontier Ave, Unit D
Boulder, CO 80301
Ph: (303) 440-8977

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