May 21 2011

Scottevest beware!

My friends over at Mintgadget.com tipped me off to this interesting piece of apparel.

At a paltry 3700 Euros (north of 5,000 USD) can there be any reason not go out and max a credit card for this indispensable piece of tech-clothing?

Sarcasm aside (umm…if I am actually capable of that) there is something to this idea, particularly as cellular technology plunges in price. The true cost of any of these products is in the monthly service contracts. There is really no reason that your communication needs to be locked to a single device. On a GSM network it is simple enough to move a SIM card from device to device and with a little bit of CSR sweet talking you can move between devices by ESN swapping on a CDMA network.

Really though, why do you need to do even that? The technology is in place to ping multiple phones simultaneously with a technology like Google Voice. There is no reason that a jacket, or a coat or hat can’t have a cell phone chip implemented into it at little cost to the customer.

Now the question is how do you wash the darn things!


  1. MAT

    Increases the risk of electrocution in the rain.

  2. Jeff Mac

    Yes, but with the built in GPS you will always be able to find the body!

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