Aug 27 2011

Runnur Tech Strap Review

Here at Restless Tech we are pleased to announce our first contest! Runnur has been kind enough to provide us with a Runnur for giveaway to a lucky winner. All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is to follow @restlesstech on twitter and Tweet something about this review. Winner will be chosen completely subjectively and creativity counts. The Runnur will be awarded on September 6th.

A guest review by Justin Brammer. He describes himself as a geek, techie, photographer, gamer and very busy dad. His personal blog is here.

Runnur backpack…er…bandolier…er…messenger carry strap review.

Vacation time rolled around again this year, and as I began final preparations for the trip, I started thinking about what kind of day-pack/backpack to carry.
We were headed to Florida for a week, planning to spend four days at amusement
parks. Yes, it was time to enrich the mouse!

I knew I wanted to carry the absolute minimum. It was going
to be late July, and the prospect of wearing a backpack in 90+ degree heat while
navigating crowds with a 5-year-old in tow didn’t sound like fun to me.
(editors note: Sounds like Dante would like it though!)
I needed to carry ID, Cards, tickets, cash, sunglasses, a phone, a small camera, and a water bottle. Basically, I needed a fanny pack…but there was no way you’d catch me wearing one.

I looked into various geek gadget holsters,
and then stumbled on a few bandolier-style arrangements like the SetGo
Transport, and the Kangatek Sling. Not completely satisfied with what I
saw, I discussed the options with resident bag/backpack/case guru Jeff Mac. He
had spotted the Runnur online, and we got in touch with them to set up a review.

The Runnur is a wide flat strap. Flat pockets cover the front with a wallet
and gadget section. The back has room for some deeper pockets. The bottom
corner holds a pouch for a water bottle and a carabiner for keys or small
items. It folds down relatively small, so you can stick it in the outside
pocket of a suitcase or backpack.

Having worn the Runnur for 4 days straight, I have to say it’s a wonderful bit of
work. It’s very comfortable to wear. I was worried at first that it would
be hot to wear, or would leave me with a massive sweat stain across my shirt. I
actually was surprised that I never found myself to be sweating any more under
the Runner than anywhere else. The mesh backing really does a great job
keeping you cool and sweat free.

You really have to wear the Runnur to get a
feel for how well thought out the ergonomics of it are. I was really happy to
have the wallet and ID section right where I could reach it. (Handy if
you’re carrying a kid and need to pay for something.) The Runnur feels
secure and well-built. I was never worried about whether I was going
to lose my wallet from a pocket or accidentally sit on my camera.
Everything was right where I needed it. I could quickly grab my phone or
camera from the lower pockets. I also loved that I never had to take a backpack
off or rent a locker before I could board a ride. I found that the
front gate security staff can pat down a Runnur in seconds, instead of having to
go through a bag one pocket at a time. I always had a water bottle right
where I could reach it. (protip: carry some drink mix packets in the rear
zipper pouch and save yourself $4 a drink at the amusement park by refilling
your water)
That whole list of benefits lowered my stress a good bit!

I loaded up the Runnur with my business card and personal info and our park tickets in the ID pocket. I carried a credit card, some cash, and my license in the
wallet section. I also collected receipts here.

I kept my iPhone in the first gadget pocket, and a small Sony point & shoot and a big SD Card in the bottom gadget pocket. The first couple of days I sometimes tethered my DSLR to the key carabiner, but realized it was too heavy and bumped into my hip too much when walking, so I moved it back to it’s normal strap for the rest of the trip. (I’d recommend against using the carabiner for larger things,
it’s not really reinforced well enough for heavy items.) I used the back pockets
to carry my kid’s trading pin lanyard, my sunglasses and a tiny bottle of hand
sanitizer. If you keep sunglasses in the back pocket, you have to rotate
the strap a little before leaning back so you don’t squash them. On cloudy
days I traded out the sunglasses for a USB auxiliary battery for the iPhone.

I have to say after watching folks try to jockey between
carrying their sleepy kids, souvenirs, and oversize backpacks on their way out
of the park each night I was really glad to be carrying just the Runnur.
It’s flat enough I could carry my kid across my chest w/o bumping into people in
crowds or shops. It was light enough it never really got in the way of what we
were doing. It’s just enough storage for long days, but not
overkill. The bandolier-styling takes some getting used to. It may
not be for everyone, but it’s far more stylish than a fanny pack or
man-purse. One thing I had to get used to is that most people never
realize it’s just a bandolier. From the front it looks like you’re just wearing
a diagonal strap messenger bag.

If someone does point out the bandolier design, just smile and do your best wookie impression!

A Product of Red Street Ventures
3100 South Oak Dr.
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 657-7057
Fax: (512) 440-1314

Some additional pics are below!

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  1. Jeff Mac

    OK, best non-Twitter contest entry so far is Tom Welch for posting the review and contest on edcforums.com

    Thanks Tom, I dropped an entry in the hat for you!

    Open to other creative ideas if you have them so don’t be shy!

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