Feb 07 2015

Romoss Battery Pack Review

You know you are playing too much Words with Friends when you actually start to click on the ads.

Embarrassing I know, but confession is good for the soul, or so I have heard.

Where was I? Oh, yes. I had been on the look out for a large external battery as I had an international trip coming up. Something big, but not too heavy with the ability to charge two phones or a phone and a tablet.

So, the person I am playing against plays “syzygy” on a triple word score for about 300 points and I am suddenly not that interested in this game. Up pops the Romoss external battery as the ad.


At this point I am not winning the game, so I might as well do some research.

Yup, I bought a battery brick on Words With Friends, and I am trying to keep up the flimsy excuse of it being research. It would have been cheaper to buy the full version of the app. Sigh.

So, I bought the Romoss Solo 5, a 10,000 ma/h pack in white ABS plastic. That is the same material that they make motorcycle helmets of and the Romoss has a satisfying level of solidity.

At 10.4 ounces it is a little on the heavy side compared to similar sized batteries. Some of this may be accounted for by some additional circuitry that Romoss has tucked into the battery.

While many batteries will sense the required current that a device requires, most of them still lose a lot of power in the transfer process to heat and mismatch. This means that a 10,000 ma/h battery will only charge a 3500 ma/h battery twice before it is stone, cold dead.

Romoss has managed to squeeze some more efficiency out of their system and rather than losing 25-30% of its power it claims to lose a mere 15% in its transfers because of the “brains” in the box.

In my experience, the Romoss was more efficient that most of the other batteries I have tested at recharging a phone or tablet. It lasted a little longer and would charge a little more than similar sized batteries.

The connection points are simple. A micro USB port for incoming charge, a button to check charge level with the 4 stage LED meter that also initiates outbound charging from the battery. The edge of the Romoss has two standard USB ports to charge your devices, one at 1 Amp and one at 2.1 Amp for tablets and other high current devices. The Romoss will also charge a device at the same time that it is being charged, making it a good choice for hotel pack when you are only taking one charger. With no draw on the Romoss it will charge from empty to full in about 7 hours from a phone charger.


Given that I got to the Romoss via a game (yeah, I know) I am actually impressed with what it represents. At less than $25 selling price it is a lot of value for the money and is a well constructed, and well performing battery. My only complaint on it is that I wish it weighed just a touch less.


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