Oct 23 2013

Rickshaw Kickstarter Kickoff!

According to “National Geographic,” Americans drink more bottled water than any other nation, purchasing an impressive 29 billion bottles every year. Of these bottles over 80% of them end up in landfills.


That is a lot of plastic, a lot of carbon emission to make and transport that water and a lot of potential to add harmful chemicals to the ecology and your water supply.

So, what if we could do something about it?

Mark Dwight over at Rickshaw Bagworks is putting his money where his mouth is on this front and is going to give you the opportunity to do the same.

They currently make a large portion of their bag materials from PET which is a 100% recycled polyester, but they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to make totes out of this material as well!


You can pledge as little as $15 to support this and then you could even take one of these totes to your local grocery to keep them from using up even more plastic.

So…you know you need a little bit of hounds tooth in your life, especially if it is good for the environment!

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