Mar 19 2012

Rickshaw iPad Sleeve Review

A brand, spanking new iPad arrived at my door on Friday afternoon!

Yours probably did too, and even if it didn’t there are already 114,352 reviews of the iPad online that either say:

“It is the best piece of technology I have ever owned. I wept when I opened the box. It even cured my halitosis!”


“That’s it? Apple can’t do any better than this with an entire year to fiddle with it? Keep your iPad 2 and don’t bother it is all bollocks!”

Both true. Both pompous, full of themselves, narcissistic and deadly boring.

While I am boring, pompous and narcissistic I am at least not DEADLY boring! I will, in any case, spare you my prattle on the iPad other than saying that I am quite impressed. I skipped the iPad2 so my comparison is a bit different. I opted for the 4G version this time around and I will be taking it on a trial run to Germany and Italy this week for a real shake down.

What I will ply you with is the best part about getting new technologies…new accessories! I plan on focusing on a pile of them for the iPad over the next couple of weeks but today I am sliding my new iPad into a brand new Rickshaw Bagworks iPad sleeve!


This one perfectly fits my iPad with Smart cover and is made of Cordura with accents and colors that I got to pick out all by myself! Jade Cordura with a Coyote binding, in case you are wondering. I know you are, don’t deny it! My wife even thinks the colors match so I must have done something right!

And while Rickshaw calls the internal soft and squishy color “blueskies” I think that we all know that it is OBVIOUSLY Cookie Monster blue on the inside!


You can see from the picture above that the iPad slides completely into the sleeve so it is wrapped in total protection. Sort of like a kangaroo’s pouch. Well, nothing like that actually, but I get paid by the word and I am reasonably certain the editor doesn’t bother to read what I turn in.

(editors note: Can the marsupial analogies and get back to the technology you narcissistic putz!)

The iPad slides in to the sleeve in a landscape format (my preference, but you have the option to go portrait as well) and adds a nice layer of protection to the iPad if it is rattling around loose in a bag. The padding on the inside is soft as a newborn kitten and there is another eighth inch of padding sewn into the case to protect my precious…ummm, my new iPad.

Simple and perfect for my needs but there are lots of options if you don’t like my choice so you can hop on to Rickshaw’s site and lay out your own perfect envelope of tablet love and protection for your precious. I mean, your iPad.

Between $30 and $40 depending on material (check out the new Tweeds…yummy!) and it is all kinds of fun to design your own color palette together at the configurator on their website.

These can be as flourescent:

or as tame as you choose…

Just remember that a slip cover is infinitely cheaper than broken screen glass…or a broken heart!

Simple, nearly perfect and made in San Francisco, by hand with lots of love! The iPad Sleeve is beautifully crafted with nary a stitch awry and a very long life in front of it.

Now stop looking at my precious!

Rickshaw Bagworks, Inc.
904 22nd Street
San Francisco, California 94107
Phone: 415.904.8368
Fax: 415.723.7530
General Questions: info@rickshawbags.com

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