Mar 28 2012

Rickshaw Bags Smartphone Folio Review

( Please forgive the awful pictures, they were taken on a trans-Atlantic flight, but I wanted to get this up while the deal was on)

The Smartphone Folio is a perfect little product from the crew at Rickshaw. It is made from the same high quality materials that their bags and packs are and it has that “just so” feel of a purpose-built piece of gear.

Great stitching, quality construction and you even get to choose your own colors to match your twisted little personality. I broke a personal fashion rule and opted to go all “matchy-matchy” with mine and got it in the same colors as my iPad sleeve to coordinate. You could choose to do the same as a bag or other accessory or get wild and clash to your heart’s content. Giveen the depth of choices on colors and material on their web site configurator, you may find yourself laying it several combinations to see what the look like.

The Smartphone folio is a simple, zippered book scaled to fit your necessities. Opening the folio reveals a pen/stylus slot, a pocket for your smartphone (surely if you are masochistic enough to read my site you do, at the very least, own a smartphone) with a Velcro strap to hold it in and a clear windowed slot for business cards. Behind this is a zippered pocket that runs the height of the folio which is great for storing things you don’t want slipping away. Mine is currently holding a sync cable and a small case with micro sim cards.

There is a neoprene flap that divides the left and right sides of the folio and keeps things separate and protected. The right side features a clear pocket about half the height of the folio and an open vertical pocket that runs the whole height of the folio. I currently have a folding Bluetooth keyboard in the full length pocket and am using the half height slot to keep a notepad in place should I choose to take notes the old fashioned way.

If you are a pen and ink sort, the Folio will also fit one of the Moleskine notebooks in the vertical slot or it is the perfect size to slip a Kindle into while travelling.

The whole case zips up to make a tidy little package that is perfect to carry into a meeting or onto a trade show floor.

If I had to hazard a guess from knowing Mark and Chris and the crew over at Rickshaw this little beauty came to life in a brainstorming session over what to do with a little bit of fabric that was left over from the way they cut a certain bag. Rickshaw is always about doing the most with the least impact. Even if that is the case,there is nothing of the leftover feel to the folio. It has the polish and finish of something made here in the states with lots of love.


The folio is available in two versions, one geared toward a smartphone and one just a pure folio version.

All of this is made from quality, environmentally friendly, recycled materials by hand in their facility in beautiful, downtown San Francisco. I need to figure out a way to cram another couple of commas into this paragraph!

If you are not already counting the ways that you can implement this little beauty in your life, let me put a little pressure on you. Until midnight today, March 28th 2012, Rickshaw is doing 50% off of folios if you use the code “fantasticfolio” in the coupon book at check out. Tell them I sent you!

At normal pricing either of their folios are a good deal, but at 50% off why are you still hanging out here? Click the link below and pick one up for a Moleskine obsessed friend, or heck, you might as well pick one up for yourself!

Rickshaw Bags Smartphone Folio normally $50
Rickshaw Bags Classic Folio normally $50

Rickshaw Bagworks, Inc.
904 22nd Street
San Francisco, California 94107
Phone: 415.904.8368
Fax: 415.723.7530
General Questions: info@rickshawbags.com




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