Feb 15 2012

Rickshaw Backpack Deal

In a bit of post-Valentines sugar coma induced generosity Rickshaw Bagworks is giving you a jump on a great deal on their excellent Commuter 2.0 bag for only $99! This includes all versions and variations!


I reviewed the Commuter Backpack version late last year and as usual with Rickshaw it was over the top!

This deal is 24 hours only and can be almost half off depending on which version you choose, so do yourself a favor and don’t delay.

Fine print from Rickshaw:

Any Commuter bag, any size. $99. Yup, it’s ok to tell your friends!
Offer expires tomorrow (2/16/12 6am PST)
Exclusively and only offered on the Commuter 2.0 family.
Please allow 15 days for this order to ship. We build each Commuter when you order it, so we’ll need a few extra days to keep up with the excitement.

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