Feb 14 2012

Retro Valentine’s Day

That’s right, I am kickin’ it old school. Disney Princess, pre-perforated Valentine’s cards complete with heart stickers and temporary princess tattoos.

Well, I mean I assume that they are temporary. How embarrassing would that be!

Can it be any more retro, any more grade school throwback than the whole box of Valentine’s so that I can give everyone in my class (well, except for Jennifer…she’s got cooties) a Valentine?!?

I may even have to go home and cut a slot in a shoe box and cover it with tin foil in case any of my daughters or classmates…or co-workers want to prance down memory lane with me.

Yes, I see you shaking your head. I don’t need your pity…and yes I have some more stuff planned for my girls so that I don’t live in the doghouse for the next 364 days.
Really though, with glitter princess tattoos how can you go wrong?

And just in case you are wallowing in jealousy right now and want to get a jump on next year…below is a link to them on Amazon.

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