Nov 25 2013

Republic Gets Moto X

When I looked at Republic Wireless’ service this summer I liked the value but I was a bit hesitant about the phone.

I mean the Motorola Defy was not going to be lust worthy by many people’s standards, and it had no 4G support so it had its limitations.

Republic has changed that recently with the addition of the Motorola Moto X to their line up, along with a couple more plans. With a 4.7 inch display, 4G and voice control this is a bit more exciting.

republic wireless

The $10 plan includes all the talk and text you want, wherever you are, but you are going to have to find WiFi if you want some data.

Read that sentence again.

$10 a month. Unlimited talk and text (WiFi or cellular). Now THAT is a stupid deal!

If you want unlimited 4G data you can get that for $40 a month. The only people close to that are the benighted Pink Company, who will charge you $70 a month for that same package, although TMo will throw in International roaming on their dime for that price.

The only caveat is that you do have to buy the Moto at $299 from Republic Wireless, but they will throw in 50Gigs of storage on Google Drive, which is a $60 value.

Republic Prides themselves on being disruptive. I think a $5 plan would qualify, even it if it is WiFi only…don’t you?

republic wireless

$5? Are they CRAZY?

Republic Wireless…driving the other carriers crazy!

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