Jul 24 2013

PSA- Take A Moment

chuck tipton

The Beatles “Day in the Life” is rolling through my head right now.

It is not quite applicable if you look at the lyrics closely. In fact, I opted not to print the lyrics because it would confuse the issue, but it has just the right feeling of melancholy for what I feel today.

You see, I heard the news today…on Facebook. A friend of mine had passed away from brain cancer.

I didn’t even know he was sick.

The outpouring on the online guestbook at the funeral home was moving. He was 52, and a teacher and he was the kind of guy who would blister your ears with bad puns for two hours. It would go on and on until it was so bad, it was hilarious and your sides would ache with laughter.

And then he would snap serious and ask the kind of mind bending philosophical question that would leave your jaw hanging loose. Or have you looking deep inside yourself feeling vaguely ashamed and wondering why you hadn’t thought of that before.

chuck tipton

He called you to excellence in lots of little ways. He would crash in like a three year old in an antique store and then float out on angels wings. He would call and ask me audio advice and then make sure I was doing OK.

I met Chuck thirty years ago. He was my youth minister, he was a mentor and a friend. I wrote a song and sang it for his wedding. I drifted away and didn’t stay in contact.

So, I was shocked when I found out I would never get the chance to reconnect. A kick in the gut really.

So my public service announcement for you is simple. Who have you left behind, intentionally or not? Who do you really care about that you haven’t spoken to in five years? Ten years?

Start with the family, but make it a point to start. Today. You might not get another chance.

I miss you Chuck.

Chuck Tipton (1960 – 2013)
chuck tipton

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