Jul 08 2013

Powerocks Tetris Universal Battery Review

powerocksWandering the aisles at any technology trade show will lead you by hundreds of booths that make batteries. Maybe thousands…possibly millions. The number is only exceeded by companies that make headphones. So…many…headphones.

The trick is finding a battery company that does something different. When I walked by the Powerocks booth at CTIA this year, I knew I had found something different.

Powerocks swore me to secrecy (pinky promise, hope to die) and told me of their background making batteries for some big computer companies. Really big.

They showed a range of pieces from little lipstick batteries to big 12000 mAh bricks.

The one that really caught my eye was Powerocks Tetris.

Picture a brick almost exactly the size of an Apple laptop power supply. One side has a pair of AC prongs that fold into the body. The other side has two USB ports, a power button and a power level indicator.

With up to 2.1 amps of current available the Tetris will charge your tablet and fill up its battery reservoir to keep you working late in the evening when you have left all AC outlets far behind.

It is just a shame that it is only a 3000 mAh battery. Issues arising from resistance and reactance in battery to battery transfers mean you tend to lose 20 to 25 percent of your power in the process. This means a 3000 mAh battery is probably just a bit more than a single smartphone charge.

The person I spoke to at the booth lifted her finger to her lips in the universal “shhh” sign. She reached under the table and pulled an identical looking box out and set it in front of me. 6000 mAh…same size chassis. Now we are talking!

I am horrible at keeping a secret…so, guess what I am telling you about now!

The Tetris will charge your devices first and then fill up its own Lithium Ion battery. Unlike some battery units out there, it also has a universal power supply so you can charge it on AC from Japan to Germany. Anywhere from 100 to 240 volts means you are covered wherever you need plug the Tetris in.

When I tested the this with multiple charging setups it would not quite charge my full size iPad and iPhone at the same time but it was happy with the iPad Mini and iPhone concurrently. Once it charges your connected devices it will then fill up its own internal battery.

At 6000 mAh, the Tetris will conservatively charge my smartphone twice or bring my iPad Mini almost back up to full from cold and dead. That makes carrying a little extra weight more than worth it.

The Tetris is made from plastic but has a nice, heavy duty feel to it. It weighs less than 5 ounces and comes with a drawstring bag to store it in. Also in the package is a micro USB cable and an Apple 30 pin cable.


The Powerocks Tetris next to an iPad charger and an iPhone4 for scale


Since the Tetris can take the place of a couple of items in your bag of tricks, its additional weight is well worth it. Having the onboard AC prongs makes it really useful and they fold neatly away to make it pack up easily. The battery will hold a charge for roughly six months.

Highly recommended.

Powerocks Tetris 3000 mAh $69.99 6000 mAh $79.99

Powerocks USA

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