Aug 09 2013

Portenzo Wingback iPad Mini Book Case Review

There are a bazillion case options out there for iPads, but there is one thing they nearly all have in common…. They obviously contain an iPad. This means that when you absent-mindedly set your iPad down in a public place, as I am prone to do, it is screaming, “I’m an iPad, STEAL ME!” This is exactly what my iPad 2 case did and someone obliged it.


Who would want to steal this off a desk?

So, now that I have replaced my iPad 2 with a chic new iPad Mini, I wanted to find a case that didn’t scream “iPad”. I found that in the Portenzo Wingtip Book Case for iPad Mini. Although the exterior looks more like a book than an iPad case, this is exactly what I wanted, I wasn’t so sure I would like carrying the somewhat thick, hard shell case. Long story short, I LOVE it!

The iPad is held in the case simply by friction. It holds it very firmly, yet is still easy to remove when needed. I find the size very easy to hold and carry around. It also provides great protection… I have already dropped it once onto a hard surface and both the case and iPad Mini were unharmed. And true to form, I have left it sitting alone in a public place, once for several hours, and it was still there waiting for me when I returned for it. I don’t think this would have happened with any other iPad case.

Portenzo has integrated the magnetic cover so it activates the automatic sleep/wake feature like the Apple smart case and it works perfectly. It also uses magnets to hold the cover in place when using it as a stand, a feature I didn’t discover for about a week. I found an added benefit when I was doing some work sitting outside at a Starbucks on a windy day. The Magnets in the case held the iPad firmly to the metal outdoor table along with the paper I was working from.


Stands up nicely, held in place by magnets in the case

It doesn’t contain a bluetooth keyboard, which at one time I thought I wanted. But that would add a lot of bulk and, quite frankly, defeats the purpose. I have a laptop when I need the keyboard, but I want my iPad Mini for portability and compactness. The case does prevent my Square card reader from fitting in the headphone jack, but there are extension cables available for a few bucks that can fix that issue.




Bottom line, this is definitely the right case for me. It is the perfect size, provides good protection, it looks good, but doesn’t looks like an iPad…. it looks like a book…. a boring book. Who would want to steal that?

Wingback iPad Mini Book Case $65-$99

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