Jul 07 2013

Platinum Series Case With Holster Review

platinum series case

I recently switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy S4, as much to see what all the fuss was about as anything else.

A new smart phone calls for a new case…or three. I had a couple winging toward me in the mail but I knew I should grab something local to keep me from destroying the S4 in the meantime.

A quick trip to Best Buy brought me in front of a vast array of phone cases and I grabbed the Platinum Series Case with Belt Clip. The Platinum Series appears to be Best Buy’s house brand.

The case is a two piece affair that slides over the phone and meets in the middle with a little push latch. There are cut outs for are the relevant ports and there is enough of a lip on the case that the screen will not slap the concrete if you drop the phone. Given my klutziness, this is a good thing.

The case material has a vaguely chalky feel that still manages to pick up and retain finger prints. The two pieces are not quite made to tight enough tolerances. This means that the two pieces shift against each other, which I found to be truly distracting. Further, the cut out for the charging port is not smoothed and almost feels sharp if you run a finger across it.

The belt clip is slightly better quality. Its made of a hard plastic with a spring mechanism on one side to hold the phone in place. The belt clip rotates 180 degrees so you can wear it on your right or left hip. The face of the clip has a felt pad on it so that the screen of your new S4 is not resting against hard plastic.

When I say that the belt clip is slightly higher quality it is only a slight nod.

platinum case

If you take a look at the spring in the belt clip you can see that it won’t be too long before this splits and the case falls off my belt.


Poor materials and poor craftsmanship are at least balanced out by an inflated cost. At $5 this case might be a value, but at the $35 that Best Buy is charging, it is a joke. They appear to want to make their way out of financial crisis on this single product.

Yuck. I strongly recommend that you walk right by this case without giving it a second glance.

Platinum Series Galaxy S4 Case with Belt Clip $34.99

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