Oct 02 2011


Now this is a really interesting and apparently fairly well backed rumor over at PocketLint.

Given Amazon’s obvious interest in playing in this sandbox, this actually seems to make sense. The Kindle Fire is a highly forked Android version so Amazon is already showing that they want real control of the platform they are sending out into the world. This seems to be the kind of thing someone that was interested in squaring off directly with Apple would do.

If there is a bargain to be had on WebOS (as we all strongly suspect) I think that Amazon likes the position of not being beholden at all to Google from an OS stand point. WebOS has good media delivery and streaming facilities and has always been impaired by underpowered hardware and lack of an interested customer base.

Amazon can easily fix both of those issues. Looks like there may be some life for WebOS yet.

Think Jeff Bezos can coax Jeff Hawkins out of his semi-retirement?

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