Aug 20 2012

Otigear-A New Addiction?

The crew over at Practical Travel Gear tipped me off to a line of travel and tech clothing that I had not heard of: Otigear.

They have a whole range of shirts, pants and outerwear with hidden pockets for all your “techcessities”.

Their pitch is all about “Crossover” apparel. Which I suppose would make them somewhere between an SUV and a minivan…or something like that. I guess I should start looking for drink holders.

I do have to say that the shirts do not look like they would immediately mark you out in a crowd as being that “nerdy travel guy”.

Oh wait, that is me…

The “pocket density” doesn’t look to be quite as high as ScottEVest but it certainly interesting. Love to keep an eye on this and see how it develops…

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