Jul 27 2011

One Day, One Million

Wrong apple logo...but you get the idea!

Apple’s rollout of their Lion operating system would seem to be a success by anybody’s measure. The RIAA would be giving Lion a Gold Record for first day sales of Lion according to All Things D.

Well, except that they don’t give Gold Records for software and the RIAA thinks Apple and Steve Jobs are the spawn of Satan soooo, maybe that was a bad analogy!

It would appear that any issues or ideas about lack of trust in digital delivery of and OS have been officially squashed.

Years of iTunes purchases have trained us all that this is acceptable and more than a million people are not concerned about the technological hurdles of doing this on a more complicated platform than iOS.

The Beatles, a refresh of their computer hardware and a major OS trotted out via download make for a pretty impressive 12 months for Apple. What else is on cue for Apple this year? Likely a new iPhone doled out to any carrier that has a checkbook, and surely they have something clutched close to their chest for the holiday season. An AppleTV that is a bit more compelling perhaps?

But to quote Mr WC Fields “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” and Apple is nothing if not arrogant. They have had their missteps (Final Cut X anyone?) and they are not perfect.

For the immediate future they are “On top of the world” but I think that phrase only presaged an impact with an iceberg! The next couple of months will be interesting indeed as we watch what unfolds for them in the back half of the year.

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