Apr 06 2011

On the road again…Tom Bihn style

Big trip begins today…one bag…8 days. This is what the Tristar looks like fully loaded.

Packed for Europe

With 13" MBA for comparison

For reference this is what went in that bag.

Boarding docs and paperwork for whole trip.
3-1-1 toiletries bag
Camera and phone chargers and cables
Sprint Hotspot (to avoid the WIfi extortion in DTW)
Monster outlets to go power strip
Euro outlet widget
Macbook Air and power supply
Dry Toiletries
Dress shoes
2 Pair of Khakis
8 shirts (2 tee shirts, 3 polos, 1 Dickies, and 2 dress shirts)
workout clothes
Socks and Underwear
2 undershirts

Wearing athletic shoes, jeans, pullover and a Scottevest as well.

Hard to believe I used to do this with a huge rollerboard AND a carry on!

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