Feb 02 2012

NOT an Onion Headline

Thanks to 1bag1world for the tip on this.

When I saw the headline regarding Spirit Airlines on CNN I really did have to look back at the header to make sure I had not clicked on the Onion instead.

The “unintended consequence fee” can be added on to the “carry on luggage fee” the “checked luggage fee” and the “print your boarding pass” fee and the soon to be announced “oxygen rental fee”.

The vitriol being handed back and forth between Spirit and the DOT is pretty impressive!

I find their position on this to be interesting. When I do a search on a high traffic route they serve (ATL to LGA) I find that most other airlines are quoting rates $100 LESS than Spirit for a date more than two weeks in the future!

They are the cheapest on a DFW to LGA flight (by $43) unless I want to take the non-stop flight, in which case the US airways one stop is cheaper by $15 and they will let me carry a bag on without a charge!

Of course that $43 gets washed away by the add on fees above!

Methinks Spirit doth protest too much!

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