Feb 23 2012

Not Again

You think I would learn but like the proverbial dog with the upset stomach I have returned.

Basically a month after my previous, painful overnight flight I am at it again. I can feel the bile rising already.

Poor planning and a very tight window of opportunity find me traveling to Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Orlando and Tampa in a 4 day period.

To quote Bill the Cat…ack!

As if to taunt me in the midst of all this, when I went to check in for the flight online I was offered a very reasonable upgrade to first class. After about 2 seconds of vacillation I clicked “buy now” with the reckless abandon of a drunken Ebayer.


I repeated the process, same offer, same opportunity to recline my seat more than 7 degrees and have the barest of hope arriving almost functional for my meeting the next day.


Take three. The third time is the charm right?


Checked in to peon class with the promise of a spine as tangled as a Tom Clancy plot line.

Foul American Airlines, why dost thou loathe me so? Twould be better to have been doomed to coach than ever to have seen the hope of first.


So, I call call American’s customer service.

“Oh, I am sorry sir, that is run by the web department, I can’t offer you that price. I will transfer you.”

Click. Interminable wait.

Web customer service person. “Oh, I am sorry sir, that is run by the airport and we have no control of that.”

Well, Esmeralda, why was I offered that price?

“I don’t know sir, we don’t know why the server does that.”

Grumble. I just want to pay far too much money too rent a leather chair for a couple of hours in a steel cigar hurtling through the sky at 500+ miles per an hour.

Wow. That sounds ridiculous when I write it down. I didn’t realize what a whiner I was being.

And really there is nothing wrong with me that a bed and shower won’t fix. Well, maybe add a chiropractor and a therapist to that list.

Maybe this trip will get me kicked up the elite ladder.

Nah, more likely just kicked.

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