Dec 20 2011

Nook Color Deal- TODAY ONLY!

In the spirit of competition the season, B&N is doing a $25 dollar gift card with the purchase of a Nook Color!

This brings the Nook Color to the same price as the Fire, plus a $25 gift card and it is a good deal more open-ended. You could, for instance, run the Kindle app on the Nook, which I am pretty sure is not possible the other way around!

B&N seems serious about the competition on this but will the Nook Tablet at a $249 price point stand the test of time? I suspect that they will have to drop it to $199 but I would personally prefer to pay a couple of more bucks to B&N to have a more open tablet architecture. They may just be trying to clear their inventory of Nook Color units before they lower the price.

Of course, I am STILL annoyed that they have opted for no bluetooth in either tablet! Why limit the expansion possibilities that way?

Details on the deal at the link below…

TODAY ONLY! Buy NOOK Color, get a FREE $25 Gift Card, Enter Coupon Code E8W4Y7P at checkout at BN.com!

Of course, according to Engadget, all that open endedness is going away


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