Apr 14 2011

News Flash: Google Really Stinking Rich (duh)

I took a quick glance over the Google Q1 results. I don’t know why I did it…but I did.

It is kind of like rummaging through the underwear drawer of a really rich uncle. A REALLY rich uncle. Feeling a little financially voyeuristic? If so you can rummage through it as well here Googles Underwear Drawer

The number that stuck out to me was the one saying revenues of over 8 billion…and that is just the first quarter.

Of course their net income was a paltry 2.3 Billion. Chump change really.

Both Microsoft and Apple are in the 6 billion range for Q4 of last year for reference. I guess what stuns me about it all is that Google doesn’t really make anything.

Welcome to the information economy.

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