Jan 03 2014

New Day, New Year, New Attitude


There is nothing like the beginning of a New Year to encourage some deep introspection. Resolutions are really just tangible (read “prone to being broken”) examples of those intentions to start anew. They may be fleeting and transitory or they may lasting and impactful.

But the process is healthy. Like the shedding of skin or getting a really bad hair cut shaved off. Note to self…don’t go to Supercuts again.

The process of looking at what you have done and where you have been is by definition analytical. It forces us to come to terms with our weaknesses and our flaws and our bellies hanging over our belts. Sometimes that causes us to change our behavior, sometimes it generates lip service and one whole trip to the gym. I think people actually sweat there.

The tech industry has a 2013 that is probably best viewed in the rear view mirror. Upgrades were evolutional and derivative and even the most ardent Apple apologist was a bit hard pressed to come up with superlatives for the new generation of iThings.

But 2014 is upon us. Until an idea is proven to be stupid or crazy, or even worse – boring, it is a gleam in an engineer or entrepreneur’s eye. Something that is someone’s baby until the idea is cast upon the rocks of a cold, cruel reviewing public.

CES2014 is nearly upon us. An orgy of technophilic excess on a scale unmatched by anything but a Doctor Who marathon on a TV mounted in the dash of a new Tesla.

I am undaunted. My New Year’s Resolution? To cover the whole show.

My bags are packed. Wish me luck!

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