Feb 04 2015


I was watching a bit of Good Morning America today while getting ready for work. Bad idea, I know.

They had an interview with the inventor of the hashtag who was positing that non-monogamy was the wave of the future…

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.37.42 AM

I have to say that while I agree that the prevalence of social media today causes challenges in dating and relationships, I am not certain that it spells the doom of dedicated commitments. Perhaps we should all think before Tweeting that our spouse broke wind at a restaurant or posting a less than flattering picture on Facebook. These kinds of things do impact your level of intimacy with your partner as they are, in essence, betrayal of trust.

Even the word he used to describe his relationship with his partner set my teeth on edge: “Monogamish.” Ick.

This gentleman certainly has the right to live his life as he chooses as long as his partner is comfortable with it, but shifting the morphology of a word that is essentially binary is irresponsible.

If I explained to my wife that I had been “mostly” faithful to her, she would be understandably upset and would want to know what those exceptions were. If I were reasonably trustworthy in my business dealings, people would always wonder what those exceptions were…and plan for the fact that I would never be trustworthy.

Let’s not even discuss the semiotics of being “somewhat” pregnant. These examples are the same kind of concept as being “monogamish”.

Certainly technology impacts our behavior and our expectations from it, but saying that it changes societal needs and norms seems to me like using Facebook and Twitter as an excuse to act in whatever selfish way pleases you and then complaining when there are consequences. This is trending towards being sociopathic.

Sorry to soapbox, but this struck a nerve with me. I promise to return to my fairly surface level coverage of technology and travel products very soon.

What do you think? Do real-time dating apps imply the death of the dedicated relationship? Does our microwave society push us towards an inescapable total narcissism?

Is technology the reason for this or a flimsy excuse?

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  1. Doug

    No, I don’t think technology can be blamed for this “piggish” behavior, I blame the pigs.

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