May 25 2013

Mobile Fun Nexus 7 TabletWear Case Review

If you Google “iPad case” you will literally get over a billion results.

When you Google “Nexus 7 case” the results are much more limited. It is a shame to have such a capable tablet ignored by the accessory market. I had to look around a bit to find them but when the crew over at Mobile Fun reached out to me to take a look at one of their range of Nexus7 cases I jumped at the opportunity.

I chose the SD TabletWear, which is a traditional folio style case for the Nexus. The tablet slides in, envelope style and then a flap folds under it with a velcro security patch to keep it locked tightly inside.

The Tabletwear case is faux leather with a microfiber interior to protect your tablet from scratches. The stitching is nicely done and there were no loose threads on the case. Mobile Fun’s website is careful to never call the case real leather but the patterning on the outside is good enough that you might be fooled.

The front cover has magnets to help keep the case closed. This also activates the smart cover functionality to turn the cover on and off when opening or closing the case. There is also a place a third or the way across the front cover to allow it to bend around the back for when you want to use the TabletWear for its other purpose as a stand.

The cover secures around the back by sliding into a flap of the same material that the case is made of. Lying it flat puts it into a good angle for typing on the glass if you are out without a keyboard of any sort.

The clasp on the back of the case

The clasp on the back of the case

You can also set the case up in a vertical format for viewing videos or other onscreen info. I did need to exercise the case a bit for it to sit flat and stable in this orientation.

The case does a nice job of protecting your tablet while still leaving all of the ports and buttons exposed for use. My only complaint on this has to do with the speaker, which is located on the back of the Nexus7. The TabletWear uses five circular holes to expose the speaker and it does add a slightly nasal character to audio.

Holes exposing the speaker on the Nexus 7

Holes exposing the speaker on the Nexus 7


The TabletWear case has a high-end feel and look. It is sturdy and does a nice job of protecting the Nexus under normal usage. All of the controls and ports are easy to get at while the Nexus is safely inside.

At just over $20, the TabletWear is an excellent value and looks like it is a more expensive case. That is a great combination!

SD TabletWear Stand and Type Google Nexus 7 Case $20.49


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  1. Dave M

    Nice review! You should check out Poetic’s line of cases for the Nexus 7. I got the one called “HardBack” which I love, and it has a strap you can slip your hand in to hold the tablet more securely. Perfect when laying in bed trying to read. 🙂

    Here is a link to the case on their website, but I got mine on Amazon for only $9.95. http://www.yourpoetic.com/p/256/hardback

  2. Jeff Mac

    Nice ! Thanks for the tip on this. How goes the progress on your site?

  3. Dave M

    Hi Jeff: Sadly the website idea never took off…. Or more accurately, I haven’t done anything yet to make it take off. 🙂

  4. Jeff Mac

    There is Always time Dave!

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