Jul 20 2011

Mac OSX Lion NOT= Final Cut X

Initial reviews on the Mac App store for OSX Lion would appear to indicate that Apple has done a superior job on rolling out an OS across the web then a video editing platform!

OSX Lion Reviews on the Mac App Store

After the debacle that was Final Cut this kind of early response would seem to indicate that Apple is back on top.

I am, frankly waiting to upgrade as I have a couple of pieces of software and hardware that I am not positive will not implode impressively under the new OS!

So, are you waiting or did you jump?


  1. helen

    waiting … not jumping.

    I need for everyone else to post their fixes and workarounds so the info is all there WHEN I go looking.

    Because I will be looking .. I guarantee.

  2. Jeff Mac

    Wisely spoken Helen! I went through MANY years where I told people to NEVER upgrade to an Apple x.0 software rev!

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