Mar 31 2011

M-m-m-my Panera!

OK, I am always on the road and I am constantly looking for the balance between good, good for you, and yet not too pricey for lunch. I find myself landing at Panera more and more often.

Artisan soups and sandwiches, great salads (do the new Thai chicken, if you like spicy) and good coffee and pastries you can carry to a client you need to impress.

I am a fan of the loyalty program they have introduced called My Panera

It is primarily attractive because the freebies are very front loaded. Free pastry, smoothie and espresso drink are all loaded onto the card within the first several visits that you stripe your card. Highly recommended if you are looking for some food to go along with your free Wifi!

Excellent! I just checked and I have a free cup of coffee next trip in!

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  1. Jeff Mac

    thank you sweet girl! feel free to give me some ideas…

    I get a kick out of watching your twitter feed. you seem to have a flair for writing as well!

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