Dec 09 2011

Long Week

OK, the pirate nutcracker is an almost complete non sequitur to anything that I might actually write about…but it just made me smile! Something about the eye patch and that he is holding his own little soldier nutcracker was silly enough to be enjoyable.

Likely I am just loopy from too many days on the road this week. Although I can get on the road at 3 AM on a Monday, something about leaving on a Sunday afternoon for a business trip completely blows my stride.

The only small benefit of my 2.5 hour layover at O’Hare was that I did get to take a short repast at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe near the K gates.

Not your average airport fare. I did choose a relatively simple pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms, but the crust was paper-thin, cooked in a brick oven with just the right touch of burn and had fresh basil and oregano sprinkled across the top!

Also, if you are observant you will see that I received real silverware! I guess TSA even has some Christmas spirit!

Sometimes, a company tries to do something nice. Budget “upgraded” me to a Mustang on this trip. Snow and muscle American sports cars are a bad mix. They also left the keys for a Ford Escape in the vehicle. I should have grabbed that instead.

My second time this week flying into Chicago yielded a really pretty approach to the city and I snapped this pic through the window showing the skyline with the sunset in the background.

Than a day in a hotel at the airport, a trip home again and it all starts over next week!

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