Aug 31 2012

Logitech iPad2 Keyboard Cover Deal

Save 45% on Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 – Dented box with coupon code logi_kcp2_83112 thru Sep 3

While the Zagg style is not my first choice for an iPad keyboard case the deal on this makes it pretty hard to ignore…clicking on the link above takes you straight to the $49.99 price on this.

“Dented box” is generally a euphemism for “clearance” in the world of consumer electronics so I am comfortable with this kind of a deal. The Logitech fine print is as follows:

Dented Box items from Logitech are products whose outer box has been torn, scratched, dented, or has other markings on it. The product itself is guaranteed to be in brand new condition and fully warranted. Sales are limited to quantities on hand. Limit 1 per customer.

If you are looking to see if Logitech has any other crazy Dented Box and Refurbished items a quick click on the link will give you the whole array of stuff they have on the “Move it now” shelf!

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