Feb 28 2012

Living PS Vita Loca

WaterField is in the business of making sure your gizmos and gadgets get to where you are going without damage. They also like to make you look good doing so!

Of course, the PS Vita is not exactly about business, but …”all work and no play…” even if your name is not Jack!

The cases are all cool and look great but that Gear Pouch…oh my! I can think of roughly a 1003 uses I could put that thing to with or without a PS Vita!

Bulletproof, bomb resistant and with enough street smarts to look good in a music video! In all seriousness, WaterField stuff is incredibly well made here in the USA and you live in comfort knowing you cannot get better cases for your stuff.

Check out Gary loading it up with kit in this video!

PS Vita Case – $49 – up for Pre order- Shipping early April

PS Vita Suede Jacket – $12-$15 – Available NOW

PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro – $45 – Available NOW

WaterField Designs

Made in San Francisco

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