Sep 26 2011

Linked In Infographic


Tech Crunch has a “feel good” piece up on Linked In which is inevitable with the President dropping in to create an Internet-opportunity.

Some of the stuff on the Infographic is interesting but perhaps not for the reason intended. The wording on the job creation stat (including job changes as part of the figure) seems calculated to increase the number. I hate to be cynical but it certainly looks like a desperate attempt to show some positive job information to the world.

Also, in the “not sure I would have said that” category is the Veterans on Linked In statistic. More than 300K is an impressive number until you think about the fact that Linked In has more than 120 million users. This means that veterans account for less than one third of one percent of all users of Linked In. It would be very interesting to see the statistics on how big a percentage of the unemployed are veterans and index those numbers against each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I use Linked In and I appreciate what they do. In fact I was stalking someone…er, I mean researching a potential business contact on Linked In today. I will politely stand on the sidelines and applaud as their stock price approaches unsupportable valuation. That part continues to impress me!

This all just seems very calculated and posed, and dare I say it, political (gasp!).

I do appreciate the fact that the government is sort of investing in Linked In as a sort of high tech employment agency for entrepreneurs seeking talent, but it just feels more like selling bi-directional advertising to me.

I would have expected Tech Crunch to do a better job of calling foul on an obvious PR opportunity.

Maybe they are angling for stock options as they watch the stock price, or perhaps they bought in on the IPO and are trying to drive the price a little higher before they sell.

I hope they all get really rich patting each other on the back.

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