Jul 04 2012

Life’s Little Emergencies


Well, CRAP!

Why is it that is when you are traveling that you really discover that your planning was not as full featured as you thought it was?

I am on vacation and I took my phone out of its battery case for a couple of minutes. Of course that is all it takes. Slide, bang, boom. Crap. 500 miles away from an Apple store and my phone is now a recipe for facial scars.

Reminds me of the horror stories of people losing their passports while on a trip abroad. They always recommend that you keep a copy of your passport in your luggage, which I do, but I also keep a scan of it and my credit card info tucked away in my Dropbox account. Safe is better than sorry.

Of course, while on my last trip abroad I discovered that free WiFi is not nearly as prevalent as I assumed it would be. Or free bathrooms…but that is a different story.

If you are slimmed down to traveling with an iPad I highly recommend that you pick up a local micro-sim for data purposes from a company like O2. Having access to data on the go means that Google Maps works correctly and that you can get at your info (like that scan of your passport) without having to pay a “stupid tax” for the privilege. Often times these plans also give you access to that carrier’s WiFi network giving you some additional flexibility.

So I hate to go all Boy Scout on you but…be prepared. Forewarned is forearmed.

Now I am off to make sure that there really isn’t an Apple store within 500 miles.

Anybody need me to review cases or protective films for the iPhone?


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