Sep 04 2015

Letrav Converts

So, I was sitting around avoiding real work the other day doing heavy web research to find the kind of innovative products that you, my talented and good-looking readership desires when I came across something innovative.

The Letrav convertible luggage series.

Yes, I confess that I have a bit of a fetish for transformer like objects. I like luggage that had hidden backpack straps, multitools and things that do more than one thing. It is about the utility of it all.

What really caught my eye at Letrav was the Maxwell briefcase.

Shhh, we have caught Maxwell mid transition, and he can be very skittish...

Shhh, we have caught Maxwell mid transition, and he can be very skittish…

The basic idea is that you go on an overnight business trip, and you don’t need a lot of luggage, but you do need something to carry your toiletries, a change of clothes and your unmentionables, both clean and dirty. You don’t really need two bags but you don’t want to show up at a clients office looking anything less than professional and a ratty suitcase rather than a smart briefcase can cause the “better than thou” crowd to think less of you.

Of course, I suppose opening a smart briefcase and having your dirty underwear fall out on a pretty conference room table is even worse.

The idea behind the Maxwell is that it transforms between a ballistic nylon backpack, and a smart leather briefcase. Business in the front, party in the back. Well…not exactly like that.

The very rare llama-mullet

The very rare llama-mullet

In any case, the idea is solid, the implementation looks good and I am curious to see what the weight and construction is like.

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