Apr 09 2011

Lazy day in Frankfurt…

After a hard day of travel running straight into two days of trade show I opted to take Saturday a little slower.

Slept in, had lunch at a cafe on the Romer plaza and wandered around the old church area of Frankfurt.

This is the big church in the area:


We decided that we needed to climb the stairs in it to the observation platform on the bell tower of the church. The documentation put it at 66 meters in the air which must have made the church the tallest building in Frankfurt for many, many years. I guess you can tell me whether you think the view was worth the trip or not!

Old town and the new down town from the top of the church

Also, had a wonderful dinner at a greek restaurant called Dorade just across the river in the very tourist trap area of Frankfurt called Sachsenhausen. Basically just block after block of store fronts and bars designed to separate American GIs from their money. The locals call the area Hachsensausen which is a play on words referring to the bad food and the ripoff nature of the area.

In any case, dinner was very good (Sea Bass and Bream) but i had the strangest thing happen. I have been in lots of restrooms in lots of restaurants. Sometimes they have mouthwash, or cologne or a man trying to get tips by handing you towels.

Never in all of my life have I been in a restroom where they had deodorant and hair gel set out. I did not use the deodorant.

I really should know better...

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