May 08 2011

Kyocera Echo

Android Central has just posted a review of this intriguing oddity of phone phoolishness!

Kyocera Echo

I KNOW it is a big pile of “nothing else like it” but I still have got the itch for one of these. I really have to figure out how to get my hands on one of these to post a review.

Something about this picture (liberated from Android Central…please go view their site to help excuse my borrowing of it) really has me hooked.

From Android Central

Great review over there and even with the limitations I really do want to try one of the beasts out.


  1. G2

    biggest problem I see for this phone is that it is only showing up (currently) on the Sprint network, which, even after being in this game for over a decade, is still of the smallish nature

  2. Jeff Mac

    Yup, but being 3rd can make you work harder….

  3. Jeff Mac

    I would definitely lay your hands on one at a Sprint store before you jump. The mechanical feel is great but there is a LOT going on in rotating those screens. Buzz is battery life is bad and until I run one through its paces I am unsure of how much of that kind of split screen functionality it actually supports.

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