Aug 11 2012

KLM Wants My Twitter Handle

This is a first for me…

I was signing up for a KLM frequent flyer account and in a first for me, they asked me for my Twitter handle. They needed it as a contact detail…so they could, you know, tweet to me that I am completely screwed because my flight is leaving without me.

How humiliating would that be…I feel like I am part of a Seinfeld skit. Of course, I guess that makes me George because I voluntarily gave them that info.

So, if you see a tweet to me from KLM would you mind whispering a quiet, “Poor guy” to the wind for me?

At least they could have the common decency to follow me if they are going to humiliate me!

(In re-reading this post, it occurs to me that my sarcasm was not quite pointed correctly. I actually appreciate the fact that KLM is trying this hard to keep me up to date on the goings on. I am perfectly capable of humiliating myself with our without anyone’s help!)

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