Dec 18 2014


Getting a decent meal at a restaurant half the time would have you striking that place off of your list forever.

Winning 50 percent of your games in college football won’t get you to the championship, but it will get you to a bowl game.

Batting 500 in baseball would be pretty amazing.

Winning the lottery 50 percent of the time would be utterly brilliant.

Somehow though, I am less than thrilled by my 50 percent average on Kickstarter.

I have funded four campaigns on Kickstarter so far. Two of them have come to fruition.

Since I get at least one request a week from some PR person asking me to publicize a Kickstarter campaign, I feel like I needed to take a hard look at the process.

The two campaigns that I have funded that have crossed the finish line have been good mechanical ideas or extensions on something that a company is already doing.

The ones that have gotten buried deep in the back field were the ones that required a fair amount of complex development from people or companies that didn’t have a lot of experience with manufacturing.

No surprise really. I am not a genius, and hindsight is truly 20/20 but I should have seen these coming.

So why is my finger hovering over another new Kickstarter project? Because it is a great idea, and I am a sucker for getting a little bit more functionality in a small package.

Caveat emptor, my friend.

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